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Bdo The Mediah League Of Merchants. I'm currently going through the questline/ grinding i'm at level 58 and i'm stuck at the beginning of the mediah league of merchants quest. Mevo muranan flatly denied any involvement with the spread of the dark energy in the lava cave.

BDO Fashion Merchant Wagon (Black Desert Online)
BDO Fashion Merchant Wagon (Black Desert Online) from

It was ruled from the castle of the royal family, mediah castle, a trait it shared some time with the kingdom. The kingdom didn't have its seat of power in a city. Once fortified, villagers and merchants flocked to the city.

BDO Fashion Merchant Wagon (Black Desert Online)

The median league of merchants bugged?? I took the middle option, which has me take up the silence we're done here quest.the problem is that it completely deletes the option to do the calpheon arc, and i need to complete the calpheon quests to even start the mediah quests. Posted by 3 years ago. It was headed by the house of bareeds based in the mediah castle and in its last days the capital city of altinova.